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1. Are you insured?

Yes, we are! We’ve never had to use it but we are insured by Pet Sitter Associates and would be happy to provide specifics upon request.

2. Do you service the DC metro area?

At this time we service NW and NE Washington, DC only. Check out our Coverage Area Map for a general sense of the area we currently service. Contact us with any questions.

3. I don’t see my neighborhood on your Coverage Area Map. Will you service my neighborhood?

It doesn’t hurt to ask. For mid-day walks, we would like to expand our coverage area as long as there is enough work for a dog walking route.
Interested in getting some friends and neighbors together to initiate a new route where you live? Email us at p3petservices@gmail.com!

4. Will you walk my dog with other dogs?

It’s entirely up to you. 
If you want a solo walk for your dog we’re happy to do so. If you don’t request a solo walk we will use our best judgement. If your dog doesn’t enjoy walking with other dogs we won’t.

5. How long are dog walks and pet visits?

Our standard visit is 30 minutes. Which generally means a walk of 20-25 minutes, sometimes longer. The walk time depends on the time it takes to get into a residence, fill water bowls and dry off a dog if it’s raining etc. If the temperature is below freezing, or above 95 degrees we may shorten walks a bit for the wellbeing of the dog(s).

6. Do you walk all dog breeds?

Absolutely, we’re happy to walk any breed of dog as long as they aren’t a safety hazard to other dogs or people. Safety is very important to us. As long as we can walk them safely we are happy to do so.

7. Will I be charged for cancelling a walk?

We’re pretty flexible when it comes to cancelations. We understand life is full of curve balls and last minute changes happen. 
If you contact us before we’re at or en route to your home you will not be charged. That said, we prefer as much notice as possible. We’re also flexible about scheduling additional visits for your pet and are often able to do this with less than 24 hours’ notice. It’s not something we can guarantee on short notice. If you give us 24 hour notice or more we should be able to accommodate you.

8. Are you available all day everyday?

In theory, yes. We will do our best to accommodate your pet sitting and off hours requests.
 We don’t like to turn down work but on rare occasions none of us is available. The more notice you can give us the more likely it is we can accommodate a request on any given day.

9. Will you leave a note after your visit?

We certainly can! We leave a monthly calendar to inform you each day that we were there and to let you know the business your dog was able to achieve while walking (i.e. pee or poop). If your dog has diarrhea, vomits, or is not acting him/herself we will definitely leave a note and probably send an email or text as well.

10. What happens when weather is extreme?

For the dogs’ welfare and our own, we shorten walks in very hot and very cold weather. If we are able to spend the visit’s remaining time with your dog inside your residence we will. Under the following conditions, we limit walks to 15-20 minutes:

Extreme cold: daytime temperatures below 30° F
Extreme heat: daytime temperatures of 95° F
Ice: ice that prohibits safe walking,
Other: We will use our best judgment in the case of lighting, extreme rain, wind or hail. This may also effect travel time, and time windows.
We ask that clients try to keep their sidewalks and entry-ways clear and safe. Icy stairways can be a real obstacle with an excited dog at the end of a leash.
We also ask owners to leave a towel somewhere to dry off pets. This is to keep your home clean and to keep your pet happy.

12. Are you hiring?

Maybe! If you’re interested in applying, please write us an email at p3petservices@gmail.com to tell us about yourself and why you want to be a dog walker or pet sitter.

13. Do you take care of cats? Other types of animals?

, we love cats! We don’t normally stray from cats or dogs but we’re willing to visit and feed other pets as well.

14. House-sitting?

We are happy to care for your pet(s) while you’re away. We can visit cats once or more a day and dogs up to 3 times a day, including overnight stays if you’d like. We will make sure visits are spaced out as evenly as possible. We are happy to bring in/pick up your mail and water plants at no extra charge.

15. Overnight Sitting

When we do overnight sitting we essentially move into your home for the duration of the stay. Please feel free to discuss details with your sitter.
 With non-overnight sitting, we will walk your dog 3 times a day, bring in your mail, and water your plants if requested. With over night pet sits we will also spend the night with your pet and will usually end up giving him or her some additional hang-out time. We’ll do our best to cater to any requests you have. 
We will treat your home respectfully and try to leave it in the same condition it was when we arrived. We ask that you provide:

A bed to sleep in.
Clean sheets and at least one towel.
Full use of the bathroom.
Use of the kitchen for cooking. If there are particular items that are off limits just let your sitter know.
Use of TVs, game systems and video players.
Access to wireless internet if you have it.

16. Dog boarding?

We offer dog boarding in North Brookland (near the Fort Totten Metro Station).  Please contact us for more details.  Generally, dog boarding is reserved for existing clients but it doesn’t hurt to ask if we have availability.

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